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Alan Kirkman

Skiptram heeft Alan geholpen met onderdelen van Combino's en Flexity's om de door hem gewenste Blackpool Bombadier Flexity 2 te bouwen in schaal 1: 76. Onderstaand het resultaat gemaakt in foliebedrukking.


 © Alan Kirkman

Hello Paul
Just a further Thank You for all your assistance with this project. I've just finished some test running and weight adjusting, and so have just photographed the 2 completed models. All I have to do now is pack and deliver them, I have great doubts about trusting these to our Post Office. It's very fortunate that I did long enough on British Rail to keep my travel facilities after I took redundancy. So it'll be a trip to Harrow on Tuesday  ( yes Graham via Marylebone loco hauled)and the other one will be off to the North East via Heaton Park's opening of their extension next weekend and our N.E. Area Secretary who is attending! Thanks again to the couriers and intermediaries.

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